What makes Istanbul so special?

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What makes Istanbul so special?

The ques­tion can not be answered eas­ily. Istan­bul has many facets and there is much to be dis­cov­ered. We started our jour­ney on the very first evening. We took the bus from Sabiha Gok­cen air­port to the Bosporus, on the Asian side. A ferry took us to the Euro­pean side, and to sweeten the ride, we drank a Turk­ish tea, which was served by friendly wait­ers. From the ferry sta­tion we walked through the old part of town, Sul­tanahmed, to our hotel. On our way we passed beau­ti­fully lit his­tor­i­cal build­ings, as well as some very invit­ing restau­rants and cafes, which show­cased their turk­ish delights in their shop win­dows. We could not resist and tried them on the spot. A taste sen­sa­tion, mmmh.

The next day we started our ‘expe­di­tion’ buy­ing trans­par­ent umbrel­las. An invest­ment that paid off, since it rained almost con­tin­u­ously. Now we were ready to explore the his­tor­i­cal town and sur­round­ing area. If the queue seemed too long, we admired the build­ing from the out­side and asked about a good time to come back, so that we could do it later or the next day. This way we got a good impres­sion of Istan­bul and vis­ited all the famous build­ings and explored them with­out any crowds.

Have a look at the fol­low­ing images to get an idea of the beau­ti­ful things you can find in Istan­bul. We will def­i­nitely visit Istan­bul again.


  1. Istan­bul: city des­ti­na­tion num­ber one in the world!

    • Hi Isolde,
      Istan­bul is def­i­nitely one of the most inter­est­ing cities I have ever vis­ited. The fact that we enjoyed it so much despite the con­stant rain says quite a lot too.

  2. Hallo Tim,
    die Bilder sind der Ham­mer. Ich möchte schon lange mal nach Istan­bul nur meine Frau kann ich bis jetzt noch nicht so recht überzeu­gen. Krieg ich aber noch hin ;-).
    Macht weiter so, ist sehr inter­es­sant von euch immer wieder zu lesen.


    • Hallo Ger­hard, danke für das Kom­pli­ment was die Bilder bet­rifft. Ich kann nur sagen, dass Istan­bul defin­i­tiv eine Reise wert ist, selbst dann, wenn das Wet­ter nicht per­fekt ist. Es gibt ein­fach so viel zu sehen, die Men­schen sind super gast­fre­undlich und das Essen ist lecker.

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